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This winter, don’t let the cold beat the conqueror in you.


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How to survive this winter

5 Winter Warmer Tips

1. If you ride in a wet area or an area prone to frost, never leave the house without your toe covers on. Frostbite typically sets in quickly in sub-zero temperatures and, without adequate toe protection, you could risk necrosis and amputation.

2. Don’t forget your arm warmers. We lose body heat fastest at our extremities, which is it’s important to give all your limbs covered during winter workouts. Arm warmers are specifically designed to insulate your arms throughout your ride.

3. Just like your toes, your hands and fingers are especially vulnerable to frigid temperatures. Not only would losing too much heat in your hand pose a risk of frostbite, but it could also affect how well you steer.

4. Wearing an extra layer is also recommended. A jersey or jacket designed uniquely for cycling should be more than enough to guard against the bitter winter winds.

5. And, of course, always wear a pair of thermal socks on all your winter rides. They should be lightweight and breathable enough not to lock in moisture, but warm enough to keep you protected from the cold.

Do's and Don'ts

1. Do: Layer your clothing. Wear shorts over long tights and always wear a jersey or jacket. The last thing you need is a cold or the flu taking you out of action just as you’re hitting your stride.

2. Do: Protect your extremities. They lose heat the fastest so always wear cycling gloves, warm socks as well as arm and leg warmers.

3. Don’t: Underestimate the weather conditions. You can cycle through wet conditions, but if a storm is forecast, stick to the stationary bike instead.

4. Do: Wear visible clothing. Winter conditions can obscure the vision of drivers, pedestrians, animals and other cyclists on the road. Wearing highly reflective and highly visible active wear ensures that all your winter rides are safe ones.

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