Get noticed

Be safe!

The road can be as dangerous as it is liberating for cyclists.

The road can be as dangerous as it is liberating for cyclists. More so when it is dark. When motorists can’t see cyclists, they can’t avoid them. That’s why cycling gear is designed using bright, luminescent and reflective fabrics. It’s not the most flattering look. But in cycling, it’s function before fashion. But we’ve taken it a step further than that. The technology behind PEARL IZUMI BioViz is a smart balance between science and design that guarantees that cyclists always get noticed.


Cyclists are always seen when design meets engineering

We’ve studied how motorists perceive their surroundings and learned how to maximise that in three important ways.




Our brains can sense motion and associate it with objects and people by referencing familiar patterns in movement. The quicker our brain picks up these patterns, the quicker it can recognise the moving object. BioViz garments like our SELECT Thermal Jersey have high- quality reflective fabric placed at key points to draw immediate attention to the patterns in movement that make cyclists recognisable to motorists.


True fluorescent Colours


Fluorescent colours have one fundamental advantage over other colours: they convert more of the light spectrum into visible. More than three times, in fact. The Screaming Yellow on BioViz cycling gear like the SELECT Barrier Pullover is not only easier to see than normal colours, it’s easier to see sooner. Motorists can spot you from a greater distance, giving them more time to react.




Our eyes perceive bright colours better against contrasting colours. These juxtapositions create patterns that are literally eye catching. When we design BioViz active wear, like our ELITE Barrier Vest, we combine bright neon colours with darker tones, so drivers have no chance of missing them.


Safety tips

Safe cyclists live to ride another day. Practise these safety tips and you will too.

Give drivers enough distance to react

The ideal distance between cyclist and driver that allows for sufficient time to react is at least 100m. How do we know this? The same way we figure everything else out – repeated testing. Through several experiments involving different variables such as the speed a motorist could be travelling at on a cyclist route, we could confidently determine this figure using our own cycling gear.

Don’t trust your camera

Camera flashes can only tell you one thing – if your gear reflects light adequately. What it can’t tell you is how that changes when you’re moving, when weather further obscures visibility or when another car is casting light in the opposite direction. The only cycling gear you should trust is cycling gear that has been tested in the conditions in which it’s meant to be worn.

Get the right lights and reflectors

Cyclists used a lot of makeshift reflectors made from scrap or household items. While these items may provide some level of reflection, it’s not enough. Investing in high-quality cycling lights and reflectors is the safest bet for any rider. They’re specifically designed to catch, reflect and amplify light in a way that DIY reflectors aren’t.

No music

While music is fundamental to the workouts of many athletes, it’s not the case with cycling. Listening to music is dangerous enough in clear conditions, but it can be a fatal error in conditions where motorists might not see the rider. Cyclists all their wits and senses undistracted during their rides.

Keep left

This basic rule of the road applies to cyclists. At all times, cyclists should try to keep to the leftmost permissible part of the road. This increases motorists’ awareness of cyclists while also giving cyclists maximum visibility of their surroundings. Cyclists should also remember to clearly indicate any decisions to turn or decelerate using hand signals and lights.

Bioviz Featured Product

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100% polyester Barrier Pullover


The most basic offering for wind and weather protection, the SELECT Escape Pullover features DWR coating and a lightweight quarter zip, for no-nonsense layering. A less aggressively offset hem allows for a variety of riding styles, and a single, envelope-style pocket stores valuables.
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