When you think PEARL IZUMI

Think obsessive attention to detail and world-class
engineering built into every fibre.

We believe in producing cycling gear that addresses the exact demands of an athlete’s ride, off or on the road, and in any kind of climate. What underpins this belief is years and years of stringent scientific research and a meticulous approach to establishing cutting-edge quality principles.

Take, for instance, the PEARL IZUMI 365 Climate System technology which turns an ordinary piece of cycling gear into a self-regulating barrier against the elements. Whether you’re riding in sub-zero temperatures, biting winds, or sweltering heat, the PEARL IZUMI 356 Climate System technology maintains a stable and optimised layer that keeps you performing at your peak.

Then, there’s our 1:1 Anatomic Interface – the technology behind how comfortably light our garments are. By weaving comfortability into every stitch of our products, we’ve made them part of the athlete – part of you. Finally, we have the PEARL IZUMI Speed Shop, where the limits are constantly tested then broken. Together, these innovative methodologies are what bring us closer to attaining perfection and what makes the athletes who wear PEARL IZUMI gear the ones to beat


Excellence backed by science

Our faithfulness to scientific research keeps the quality and reliability of
our products consistently superior.


Made to survive

Each PEARL IZUMI product is made from durable and comfortable
material that enhances every single ride.


Not only are PEARL IZUMI products durable with a lifetime warranty, but they're also a pleasure to wear. That’s all thanks to the development of fabrics and garments that fit well and resist the elements while providing maximum support.

PEARL IZUMI Transfer technology sets our fabrics apart from run-of-the-mill cycling gear by guaranteeing that athletes stay dry and cool at all times. While ordinary fabrics trap moisture, PEARL IZUMI fabrics attract it away from your skin, spreading it across the surface area of the fabric where it is rapidly evaporated off for a consistent cooling effect.

Our PEARL IZUMI Thermal, Softshell and Barrier collections all make use of our active moisture management technology, while providing added protection against cold, wetness and wind, respectively. No PEARL IZUMI product is comparable to anything else on the market. And that’s exactly the way that we prefer it.


Top of the class

All our gear delivers quality that not only lives up to industry standards, but beats them too.


We’re so committed to high quality and being able to guarantee it that we’ve devised our own testing program that puts all our products through a rigorous battery of evaluations that simulates extreme environmental conditions that athletes might (but hopefully never) find themselves in. It’s called the Wear Tester Program.

It involves 596 individual tests. That’s not an arbitrary number or overkill – it’s exactly the number of times it takes to test a product to get it to our high standard of quality. We check our gear for various reasons. Sometimes, we’re just trying to see how far we can push our products, other times we’re trying to unlock the next phase of our never-ending innovation.

But mostly, we test our products as much as we do because we made a promise with our Lifetime Warranty, and we always want to be able to keep it. We want athletes to wear PEARL IZUMI with confidence and pride. It’s better for us to fail until we get it right than for our athletes to fail at all.

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