Still too cold?

Ride through the cold

Frigid air. Snow. Sharp wind. Drizzle. These are all valid reasons for a rider to skip a ride during the cold months. But that rider clearly hasn’t heard of PEARL IZUMI or our stubborn obsession with intelligently engineered active gear that can withstand all weather conditions.


It's cold. We get it.

So much so, in fact,
that we’re determined to make you
as invincible in winter as you are
any other season.


No more sweating


Sweat is the last thing you need in cold temperatures. It’s uncomfortable but also hard to avoid. Not anymore. The technology woven into the PEARL IZUMI Transfer range absorbs the sweat from your skin and spreads evenly across the surface area of the fabric. Sweat is evaporated quicker this way. Problem solved.


Like water off a duck’s back


Inclement conditions can understandably affect the average cyclist’s ride. But you’re not an average cyclist because you ride with PEARL IZUMI and the full benefits of PEARL IZUMI Barrier collection. The tightly woven face fabric and durable water repellent coating cause water to form beads and roll off the surface of cycling gear instead of absorbing into it – like water off a duck’s back. Our cycling gear is also light and breathable like a smarter second skin.


Get warm and stay warm


Retaining body heat is crucial when riding in cold temperatures. It helps promote blood circulation and keeps your body performing at its full potential. The PEARL IZUMI Thermal line is designed to help you achieve this. The fabric of the cycling gear has a brushed pile back which locks heat and maintains your body’s temperature. It’s the best way to beat the cold.


All-round protection


Sometimes nature doesn’t just throw one challenge at you, but multiple. For rides like these you need cycling that promised all-round protection. The way PEARL IZUMI Softshell cycling gear does. The PEARL IZUMI Softshell range combines the functions of Transfer, Barrier and Thermal in one for a complete defence against the elements. Sweat, cold and wet weather are all no match for the PEARL IZUMI Softshell level of protection.


Winter wear gear

PEARL IZUMI winter wear gear delivers protection that defies the cold.

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