Why you ride

The reasons why you hit the road

are the same reasons why we show up for work every day.


The thrill

You vs. the great outdoors. Every cyclist knows that initial jolt of excitement they get when they mount their bicycle and stare down a trail for the first time. It’s a mixture of adrenaline, electricity and fire. Until you start pedalling, you have no idea what perils await you over the horizon or what hazards are around the corner. But you want to find out, more than anything else in the world.

Cyclists are natural adventurers. There’s an invisible pull between them and the unknown, and they can never really relax until they know it. The thrill of the chase. The mystery of the road less travelled. The challenge of a steeper hill or a twistier path. The danger and the risk. With every ride comes a new adventure and only PEARL IZUMI cyclists know how to rise to it every time.


The freedom

South Africa is one of the most scenic countries in the world. But you hardly get to see from the confines of an office or your living room. Our nation demands to be seen and experienced. We have mountains worth conquering, bushes worth exploring and beautiful untouched landscapes worth marveling at. You can read about them, or you can take them in for yourself on your bike – free.

And what’s freer than barreling down the rocky slopes of Tygerberg, cruising along the Garden Route or riding with the sunrise in Diepsloot? To South African's freedom is gold and should be protected at all costs. To PEARL IZUMI South African's freedom is everything and should be pursued wildly and at every opportunity. An opportunity to write is another opportunity to breathe in the African air and ride faster and faster away from confines and mundanities of average everyday existence.


The fitness

Obviously, a commitment to athleticism brings with it the benefit of good health. What cycling offers that most other disciplines don’t, however, is a full-body workout to the strictest possible definition. Head to toe. Inside and out. Cycling is one of the few workouts that demands that you engage your whole body and mind. Thanks to this, cycling has unbeatable benefits for heart health, physical therapy, mental vitality and even great skin.

One of the main benefits of being a cyclist is having improved cardiovascular fitness. Cycling also improves muscle tone, strength, hand-eye coordination as well as stamina. It can literally add years to your life. And more years left to live means more riding.


The glory

Everyone races to win. Some race for fun too, but everyone races to win. Beyond the thrill and the beautiful views lies the promise of something every athlete trains for – being the best. Competition is a big part of the human experience and an essential part of the cycling experience. Whether you’re racing for bragging rights, trying to improve your best time or going for gold, there’s always some sort of finish line. The sensation of breaking the tape before anyone else does is enough fuel for any cyclist.

And we get it. Being the best is at the core of what we do at PEARL IZUMI.


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