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Big Cycling Events

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Main Cycling Events

Cycling heaven is a place on Earth. South Africa, to be exact. With endless trails that give a front row seat to endless stretches of breathtaking scenery. It’s no wonder cyclists the world over want in on the action, coming back year after year – to push themselves, and prove themselves and compete in cycle races that hold their own on the international cycling stage.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the world’s most popular cycle races and has been going strong for 38 years. The race forms the last leg of the Giro del Capo – the final event in a week of challenges – and has attracted big names like Lance Armstrong and Jan Ulrich. Now the world’s largest timed cycling event, it is an indelible part of the city’s culture. In March of every year, about 35 000 cyclists from all over the globe flock to Cape Town to take part in the race that leads them through 109km of the city’s most beautiful scenery – from the city center to the Cape Peninsula and back again. Take you and your Pearl Izumi cycle gear along this world-renowned route where unspoiled coastlines of False Bay and Simon’s Town, the lush green of Table Mountain National Park, and the thrill of Chapman’s Peak are but a few of the stand-out mentions.

947 Cycle Challenge

Holding its inaugural race in Johannesburg in 1997, the 947 Cycle Challenge has grown to be one of the biggest timed cycling events in the world. In November of every year it attracts between 20 000 and 30 000 cyclists from around the globe. The highest number of entries was recorded at 33 000. Participants in this race have to complete a grueling 94.7km course taking them through major Jo’burg sights. And what’s also great about this event is that you race for your preferred charity. Each year amounts upward of 10 million is raised, showcasing the giving spirit of the riders and supporters. Like the Cape Town Cycle Tour, this cycling challenge is also a part of a week-long event that includes a mountain biking leg as well as a race for junior cyclists.

Cape Epic

First held in 2004, the Cape Epic has become one of the most challenging mountain bike stage races in the world. Covering about 800km over a period of eight days in March every year – with approximately 15 000m of climbing – you can be sure that this event will put you and your bicycle gear to the test. Competing in teams of two with a total of 600 teams, it becomes a race of aggregated times in each stage set in the harsh and challenging landscapes of the Western Cape. Gravel roads, river crossings, rocky climbs, and some of the most breathtaking off-road sights SA has to offer. The Cape Epic is currently the only race of its kind labeled as “beyond categorization” by Union Cycliste Internationale – which in simple terms means the difficulty level is extremely high. Not for the faint-hearted, this event is full service – with everything from medical and food taken care of – so cyclists can focus on nothing else but themselves and the race.

The Biker Bucket List

Every cyclist should have one – a bucket list of ultimate cycling events. Where you can go big, ride hard, and live the adventure. And because we know how your mind works, we’ve given you a little push with two of our “must-ride” biking experiences for you to start your list with.

Trans-Karoo MTB

The sheer intensity of the Trans-Karoo MTB – held annually in May – is what makes it a bucket list cycling event. You’re given 247km of some of the most challenging off-road trails. And only 17 hours to finish it. Added to that is the 500-head limit because of the sensitive ecosystems the route cuts through, and you have yourself one of the most exclusive (and therefore popular) mountain biking events a dare-devil biker could ask for. Because of the challenging nature of the race, strict regulations ensure the correct bike clothing and gear is in use to protect participants, or they are refused entry. Each year the race alternates between an “Up” and “Down” ride – the “Up” ride taking you from Ceres to Sutherland and the “Down” ride taking you from Sutherland to Ceres. Riders can either go solo or in teams of two, starting first thing in the morning and finishing within the 17-hour time limit.

Wine 2 Whales

Wine 2 Whales is a multi-stage mountain biking event that takes place over 3 days and takes riders through some of the most beautiful parts of the Western Cape. In November 2009, about 300 cyclists participated in the inaugural race. In just a few years that number had exploded to thousands – forcing the organizers to add two more stages to the event. And still, every year there is a bulging waiting list of avid cyclists hoping to get the chance to compete. The three stages of the Wine 2 Whales are Adventure, Ride, and Race. Each stage covers about 70-80km and riders compete in teams of two, with a total of 675 teams limited to each event. Cyclists are advised to get their registration in early because the waiting list for this race just keeps growing.
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