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Pearl iZumi Buyer’s Guide:


Choosing the Right Cycling Jersey

Living the bike life begins with quality gear and ends with superior comfort, enhanced performance, and added safety. When you think about gearing up for life on two wheels, these first thoughts are usually dedicated to cycling jerseys. You’ve seen them on other cyclists in every color and style, but do you really need one? Need is probably the wrong word to use because sure, you’ll get by in just about anything. But a good quality bike jersey is more than just a fashion statement. It’s based on intelligent engineering that allows it to ‘think’ for you when out on the road. We’re talking moisture management, engineered fabric for variable weather conditions, reflective features for increased visibility, and anatomic design for optimal comfort.


What Makes a Cycling Jersey Good for You?

When looking at cycling jerseys for sale you best be ready to deal with a bombardment of neon colors, tech terms, and the overwhelming dread of having no clue what to do with them. We can’t do much about the colors and tech-speak, but we can give you some advice to help with that not-having-a-clue thing that’s stopping you from finding the perfect jersey. All you need to focus on are these three things: Fit, Function, and Style.




How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Jersey

How much of a sweat will you be working up? What’s the weather like outside? Are you popping off to the shop real quick, going to work, racing for a few hours, or taking your bike off road? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on what the perfect cycling jersey will be. Of course there’s nothing wrong with slapping on a t-shirt and taking off, but a t-shirt won’t manage perspiration effectively or regulate your body temperature. A good quality cycle shirt works just as hard as you do, enhancing your performance and comfort for the duration of your ride. They are garments engineered to wick moisture away from your skin to the outside where it can evaporate, leaving you dry and cool and hot weather, or dry and warm on cooler rides.

Our range of anatomic cycling jerseys are designed to fit comfortably when in the riding position – short in front, longer in back – to avoid unwanted bunching. Pearl iZumi’s Quest Long Sleeve Jersey comes with an elasticized hem that holds the jersey in place, with longer sleeves that keep you covered when your arms are extended. There are three back pockets for easy storage as well as a hidden security pocket that is entirely sweat-proof. This is your ideal choice when you need insulation when out riding on cold days.

Looking at the range of materials used in cycling jerseys is sure to leave you spoilt for choice. From polyester and nylon, to merino wool. It all boils down to what you’re most comfortable in, since they each have their own pros and cons. We make use of polyester in our cycling clothing, because it’s UV resistant, durable, the color doesn’t fade easily, and it’s cost-effective. We’ve taken these qualities and stepped it up a notch with our SELECT Transfer engineering, used in all our men’s and women’s cycle jerseys. It provides superior moisture-wicking no matter how hard you push, working to keep you dry the whole time you’re out. For a cut that will keep you ahead of the pack, our Pursuit jersey for men and women comes in both long and short sleeves, with lightweight fabric and optimal breathability.

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