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June 11, 2018
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Cycle Tourism:


From Niche to NOW!

Sales in bicycles and cycling kits are at an all-time high, and bike travel is part of the reason for it. There’s nothing like seeing the world on two wheels. It’s not a race or pedaling off to work. You’ve got the sun on your back and the wind in your hair and nothing but time for pure enjoyment. Setting your own pace means you decide how much time you spend drinking in the scenic beauty of a foreign place, its culture, historical treasures… anywhere you want to go. Especially those places that are inaccessible to other forms of transport. Which is why cycle tourism has become so popular around the world. People want in on this economical, environmentally friendly, pleasure deluxe way to experience new places. What better way to get the true feel of a place through sights, smells, and sounds with you right there in the thick of it?


What Makes a Trend?

Cycle tourism is a win-win situation for both the traveler and the place being visited. Unlike other tourists, those coming through on their bikes travel at a slower pace and tend to stay for longer. This means they are likely to spend more money in one place than the casual traveler zipping through. The increase of bike hotels and tour operators in stunning places like the Italian countryside, is an indicator of just how much people love cycle tourists. They want to make visitors as comfortable as possible, providing not just accommodation, but bike shops offering the best in cycle gear and equipment, maintenance services, and route suggestions that are exclusive to seeing the area on two wheels. It’s also a much healthier way of getting around – for people as well as the environment. And with the planet on a major green buzz the past few years, it’s only natural that people will latch onto this form of travel that is kind to the world they want to preserve. This means that the rewards for travel are so much more than relaxation and getting away from your busy life. There’s actually an emotional transaction that occurs – you’re doing your bit for the environment and in return, Mother Nature is giving you free access to indulge in all of her glory. As a result, the demand for cycle tours is on the rise, and nations around the world are answering the call by providing more bike routes and networks. Now you can see more than you ever could, and go where you never went before.

Bicycle Tourism in South Africa

The natural beauty of South Africa cannot be argued, and her offerings of exquisite scenery from end to end make it impossible for any cycle tourist to pass up. The adaptable nature of bike travel means you get to choose between going out for an adventure day ride, spend a few weeks off the beaten track, or even do a year-long tour of the country, becoming intimate with every hill and valley. Be an urban city slicker, pedal through rural villages, or push your limits through the most breathtaking mountain ranges. Whatever your interest and athletic level, good old SA’s got something for you. Already a well-loved cycling destination on the international stage, South Africa boasts some of the world’s most beautiful roads and trails that are perfect for short- or long-distance biking adventures. The Western Cape holds dear one of the most popular routes in the country – through the Swartberg and Cape Fold ranges. Here you’ll find mostly dirt and gravel roads, but you will also find your love for this beautiful country as you climb your way through more than fifteen passes and poorts. Dragon’s Spine is sheer thrills, with just over 4000 kilometers of awe-inspiring trails that connect the Cape winelands to the sprawling Karoo, up to the Lesotho Highlands before taking you down to the Limpopo River. Whether you’re just starting out on your life of biking or are a seasoned adventure seeker, touring South Africa on two wheels deserves a top spot on your bucket list. And with Pearl iZumi’s passion for all things bike, we’ve got the cycle gear that’ll guarantee you get the most out of every valley and peak along the way. Take a look at our cycling clothing online and take the first steps to your next great adventure today.

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