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July 31, 2018
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Cycling Bibs

Your Biking Kit Must-Have


If you’re new to the bike life, you’ve probably heard the term ‘bib’ in casual conversation about cycling shorts, with a not-so-casual preference for one over the other. But where do you stand? Bibs are essentially shorts taken to a whole new level. Like regular shorts, cycling bibs are specifically designed to enhance rider comfort as well as performance. But unlike regular shorts, bibs go above and beyond the call of cycle gear duty. Since the shorts are held up by a spandex bib which resembles suspenders, they provide a sleek, secure fit, and seamless form to a rider of any size. No more waistband slippage, more coverage with added support, and increased moisture management. They may not be the most cool-looking in cycle kit class, but once you try these bad boys there’ll be no going back.


With cycling bibs you’ll have more freedom in and out of the saddle, because they make up for all that traditional shorts lack. No waistband means no more elastic cutting into your abdomen, no moisture retention, and zero worries about shorts riding down at inopportune times. Better breathing because of improved fit provides increased blood flow when you need it most. Cyclists who are taller also have to often contend with baring a little too much flesh when off their bikes because of the shorter cut cycling shirts have in the front. The full-form design of bibs eradicates this worry, covering all the essential bits on and off the bike. There’s no time for ‘plumber’s crack’ or bare midriffs when you’ve got the ride to think about.


Enhance your ride with our P.R.O Escape Bib Short, complete with Izumi’s premium Escape chamois for all-day rides, and close to seamless fabric for supreme comfort all the way. The increased surface area of bibs gives it a bigger punch when it comes to moisture distribution. The engineering behind the Lycra straps on cycling bibs are geared toward comfort, but as with everything Pearl iZumi, we’ve raised the engineering bar by adding our unique Direct Vent mesh bib upper. This helps move moisture away from your skin, so you can look forward to a comfortably dry ride all the way.



Our Quest Bib Short is a great entry to the world of superior comfort and better performance if you’re on a budget but still want the amazing benefits of a bib. With its 6-panel anatomic design and mesh bib upper you will be supported and covered in all the right areas. The built-in chamois steps up your comfort game, keeping your ride soft and chafe-free for longer. As cycling shorts get worn in, they end up slipping during a ride. This then causes the chamois to move around as well. By incorporating secure-fit padding in the seat of your cycle bib, as with our Quest and P.R.O Quest Bib Short, saddle sores and chafing are no longer a reality. You can hit the pedals for as long as you want, as hard as you want, and our bibs will see you through to the very end.



The similarities between shorts & bibs might make it seem as if the two are virtually interchangeable, but when you consider the features that set them apart it becomes clear that opting for one over the other will greatly influence your riding experience. Choosing between the two then comes down to you as a rider, and what your expectations are when you get into that saddle and hit the road. And when you’re choosing Pearl iZumi, your decision is made easier because you know you can depend on our superior quality when it comes to world class technology and engineering in all our cycling clothing. Anatomic fit guarantees our garments feeling like a second skin, reducing drag on the rider’s body. And our unique transfer fabric guarantees optimal moisture wicking properties whether you’re in our shorts or cycling bibs.


Where the bib wins out though, is comfort. Literally suited to every size and shape of cyclist - accommodating bigger bellies where elastic waistbands might ride down, and taller riders who end up showing more skin when off the bike. And although we aim for ultimate form- fitting design, the straps on our cycling bibs serve to keep the garment securely in place, where cycle shorts tend to have more movement the longer and harder you go. So with bibs you can keep your focus on the road and your ride, without distractions from adjusting clothing on the way. The good news is, maybe you don’t have to choose at all! Opt for shorts on days when you’ll be taking it easy, and use the bib when you know you’re going to need that little bit extra from your cycle gear. This is the bike life after all, and you’re allowed to have the best of all worlds.

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