Your guide to Essentials

All the best athletes agree: it’s essential to have the Essentials.
We stock all the necessities of cycling. No ride is complete without the basics.


Head Gear

All your keen athletic senses rely on your head to work at their best. We want to guarantee that always happens. That’s why our collection of head gear is exactly the protection you need for rides in cold, wet and windy weather.

Like the PEARL IZUMI Barrier Headband, which is designed to fit snugly around the contours of your head while providing a cosy insulation for your ears or the PEARL IZUMI Barrier Skull Cap, which sits perfectly underneath your helmet and keeps warmth in and the frosty cold out. Your head will always be in the game.


In challenging weather, the right cycling gloves can mean the difference between a disaster and a great ride. Your hands are what steer you in the right direction during your ride. Protecting them is crucial. That’s why we use the best in cycling gear technology to provide the best gloves on the market.

The PEARL IZUMI Divide Gloves are perfect for lightweight protection, the PEARL IZUMI Thermal Lite Gloves neatly combine comfort and insulation, and the PEARL IZUMI Escape Thermal Gloves act as an impenetrable shield against blustery conditions.

Fingerless gloves

Your hands need protecting even when cold weather isn’t an issue. You still need to maintain a firm a steady grip on your handle bars while ensuring your palms aren’t vulnerable to the pressure and shock of bumpy rides. Fingerless cycling gloves are the perfect solution. They give you comfort and freedom exactly where they are needed.

The PEARL IZUMI Gel-Vent Gloves for men and women are uniquely designed to give your hands support and breathability during rides in the heat. And the PEARL IZUMI Escape Select Gloves for both men and women have padded palms to relieve pressure and reinforced stitching for even support.


Extreme conditions, whether hot or cold, take an enormous toll on your limbs. In low temperatures, your arm’s muscles can contract and stiffen, making it difficult for you to steer. In hotter weather, you risk sunburn, excessive sweating and discomfort. Having the right cycling sleeves for the ride is what will keep you going when others are forced to turn back.

The PEARL IZUMI Sun Sleeves provide UPF50+ sun protection and the PEARL IZUMI Elite Thermal Arm Warmers give superior cold defence and moisture resistance.

Leg Warmers

If your legs fail you, the ride is over. Sure, cycling is a full-body and whole-mind exercise, but legs do the bulk of the work. Without the right cycling gear and cycling accessories, your legs are left vulnerable to the elements and the harsh assault they can have on a cyclist. Just because it’s freezing doesn’t mean you should be too. A high-quality pair of leg warmers is precisely the armour your legs need.

The PEARL IZUMI Elite Thermal Leg Warmers are designed to retain body heat while keeping a light and forgettable fit.

Toe Covers

It’s easy to neglect your toes. But it’s not smart. Toes are necessary for balance which makes them a vital component of every cyclist’s ride. When temperatures drop too low, it’s essential to wear the right protective gear to prevent numbness, discomfort and to stave off frostbite. Toe covers are an extra layer of protection that slips tightly over your cycling shoes to defend against harsh winds and cold moisture.
The PEARL IZUMI Toe Covers are made from the high-grade heat-trapping and moisture-repellent fabric for complete comfort and absolute protection.
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