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Cycling gloves explained

A cycling essential for a reason

Quality gloves and a quality riding experience go, well, hand in hand.

Put Your Best Hand Forward

Cycling gloves explained - It’s all about the grip, they said. No it’s comfort, they said. You must be new here, said Pearl Izumi. As far as we’re concerned, an athlete should never have to compromise. We know what you want and we’ve put our world-class engineering where our mouth is to bring you a range of cycling gloves for men and women that ticks all the boxes and even adds some new ones – like a unique palm venting design, and touch screen capabilities. Progress is technological advancements is intelligence breathed into every one of our garments to provide cyclists with the best riding experience. And our gloves are no exception to this rule. The details are ours to perfect so that you can focus on what’s important – you and your ride.

Izumi Select Glove

Pearl Izumi has the Select option for avid cyclists who want quality without breaking the bank. Why should something like rands and cents keep you from the ride of your life? We don’t believe that it should. And our Select Glove for men and women proves just how strong this belief is. ‘Value for money’ is a phrase that actually means something in this cycle gear essential that provides all the protection you need in a design that perfectly marries fit and function. Available for both men and women, the Izumi Select Glove is designed for durability and comfort in any size.

These fingerless gloves are built to work just as hard as you do, for as long as you do. Ventilation on the palm keeps hands cool and dry, while the lightweight fabric ensures tired hands are a thing of the past. Perfect for warm weather rides, the fingerless feature is great for grip and staying cool. Gel-Foam palm padding is strategically placed to relieve pressure on the sensitive median and ulna nerves. This means reduced numbness in your hands no matter how long the ride, and reduced recovery time from numbness when it does occur. There is a soft, low-profile area on the thumb for wiping perspiration and a simple hook-and- loop closure for ease of use. Synthetic leather gives the gloves their soft, comfortable feel, while at the same time enhancing durability. Now you can get more miles out of this value packed design.

  • Gel-Foam padding relieves pressure on ulnar and median nerves for riding comfort
  • Synthetic leather palm is soft and durable
  • Soft, low-profile wiping surface on thumb
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Back of hand – 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • Palm – 60% nylon, 40% polyurethane

  • Izumi Elite Gel-Vent Glove

    Nothing beats the feeling of a summer ride on a hot day, the wind in your hair and nothing but an endless stretch of road ahead. Except of course, all of the aforementioned but with the added bonus of our Gel-Vent cycle gloves to see you through it. Comfort and style? Sure. Performance? Do you even need to ask? These gloves are specifically designed for the athlete who never says die. The athlete who pushes until every last barrier has been broken. Because no matter how long the ride, or arduous the journey, you shouldn’t be forced into submission because your cycling gear has let you down. That’s where we come in. We’ve done our job so that you can go out there and do yours. Steer your way to cycling glory with hands that are protected, cool, and dry—even on the hottest days.

    The Izumi Elite Gel-Vent Glove brings together our unique anatomic 1:1 Glove fit and 1:1 Gel padding arrangement to provide a ride that is comfortable and also protects your hands from the pressure of a long ride. The padding works with the natural structure of your hand to provide relief over the sensitive median and ulnar nerves, greatly reducing numbness. The overall design is lightweight, giving you the freedom to decide when to call it a day instead of having the finish line dictated by matters of discomfort. The incorporation of our palm venting system enhances airflow, so you can say goodbye to sweaty palms and hello to the cool dry summer ride every sunshine-loving cyclist dreams of. Both men and women cyclists can expect this durable beauty to keep impressing at every turn for thousands of kilometers without fail.

  • 1:1 Gel Glove Padding creates bridges over both ulnar and median nerves for superior riding comfort
  • 1:1 Glove Fit minimizes palm bunching for superior grip comfort and handlebar feel
  • Synthetic leather palm is soft and durable
  • In-R- Cool® mesh palm lining provides optimal cooling effect and moisture management
  • Easy-off glove removal tab
  • Soft, low-profile wiping surface on thumb. Perforated for maximum ventilation
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Back – 46% nylon, 39% polyester, 15% elastane
  • Palm – 60% nylon, 40% polyurethane
  • Technology – Ice-fil®

  • Izumi Thermal Lite Glove

    Cool weather riders are a unique bunch and they require cycle gear designed just as uniquely. You see, these athletes want to be warm for the duration of their ride in cooler temperatures, but they also want good moisture management and ventilation for comfort. They want cycling gloves that will offer them the best of both worlds without infringing on their performance as cyclists. We get that. We get you. And so we made this – our Thermal Lite Glove is lightweight and well-ventilated while still providing great protection against wind. Thin enough to be used as a liner in very cold conditions without feeling too bulky or hampering movement. It’s like a second skin we promise, you won’t even know it’s there except when you’re thinking about how snug your hands feel despite the cold weather.

    Suitable as both Men and Women’s cycling gloves for cool and cold weather, the Izumi Thermal Lite Glove rises to the occasion, providing warmth with full range of motion thanks to its lightweight, thin design. Suitable in spring or autumn cool temperatures, or as an additional layer insulating your hands on very cold days. The fabric provides a comfortable fit in any size, and works to draw moisture away from your hands, keeping them dry for the duration of your ride. Added grip features are strategically placed in areas where you will need it most, and reflective accents improve visibility in low-light conditions.

  • Reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • P.R.O Thermal Lite fabric provides optimal warmth in mild conditions
  • Silicone screened finger tips for a performance grip
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Unisex
  • 99% polyester, 1% polymide

  • Izumi Thermal Conductive Glove

    When the road calls, you should always answer. No matter the weather. Our Thermal Conductive Glove for women is the perfect partner on those cool weather rides. The female cyclist is a unique individual, with needs and expectations all her own, and our cycling gloves for women have been specifically designed with this special creature in mind. You want to go out for a cool ride, but you don’t want to be cold. You want comfort, but don’t want to have to sacrifice performance to get it. You want to feel like the force of nature you are, and look it too. Needless to say, we understand the machine that drives you. And we’ve brought you a glove to top off your cycle gear in a way that is more than just an essential – it enhances your riding experience.

    These Thermal gloves have conductive synthetic leather on the index finger and thumb so that you can operate your touchscreen devices without any hassle. Stay warm while staying connected. This is the age of intelligence, after all, and we’ve got it down. Lightweight enough so your ride isn’t weighed down, smart enough to keep you warm without bulking you up. Stylish finishes double as reflective accents that improve visibility in low-light conditions for your added safety, with synthetic leather strategically placed in areas that improve durability. The special Thermal fabric also works to draw moisture away from skin so your hands are warm and dry for the duration of your ride.

  • P.R.O Thermal fabric provides optimal insulation, moisture transfer, dry time and odor- resistance
  • Conductive synthetic leather on index and thumb works with touch screen devices
  • Synthetic leather strategically placed in high-wear areas
  • Soft fleece wiping surface on thumb
  • Silicone screened palm for a performance grip
  • Reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • Back – 47% polyethylene, 46% polyester, 4% elastane, 2% polyurethane, 1% polyamide
  • Palm – 38% polyethylene, 26% polyester, 20% polyamide, 13% polyurethane, 3% elastane

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