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February 7, 2018
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March 8, 2018

Ergonomic Cycling Clothing

Designed with purpose to fit your body and improve your ride.


Head Protection in a Nutshell

Long before the cycling helmet came along, cyclists took to the trails with headgear ranging from bandanas to peak caps. These choices in cycling clothing – often used to make a fashion, brand, or team statement – offered little in the way of protection for riders, and even less in terms of their contribution to comfort and overall performance. But the ever-progressing evolution of bike clothing meant that things wouldn’t stay that way for long. The question of intelligent design to enhance rider performance was answered by scientific engineering in this area, and led to the introduction of skull caps and headbands – the promised land where form meets function through ergonomic design.


Skull Caps vs Peak Caps

A strong case can be delivered for both the skull cap and peak cap as essential cycle gear items in a rider’s arsenal. Much of it comes down to personal taste, after all. But when you step out of the realm of opinion and get down to science, it’s impossible to ignore the winning edge given to skull caps and headbands through game-changing design features that not only impact a cyclist’s comfort on the track, but enhances the ride overall. For instance:

Moisture Management

Peak caps tend to lock in moisture, where good quality skull caps and headbands are made from quick-dry fabrics with moisture wicking properties. This makes them just the type of biking essentials to deal with sweat build-up, enhancing the comfort of your ride.


Cycling helmets are a compulsory item for all cyclists. Skull caps are designed to fit perfectly under any style of helmet so you won’t even know it’s there. Peak caps tend to feel a little bulky when teamed with a helmet, and many cyclists often have to choose a cap that’s too small just to get it to fit under the helmet. Skull caps and headbands follow the shape of your head, and are no obstruction to comfort.


Peak caps do well to shield eyes from sun, but the same can’t be said when it comes to wind and cold. Skull caps are wind-resistant and provide a snug fit to provide warmth on cool weather rides – even covering the ears for added protection.


The Must-have Headband

No, it’s not just so you can look cool. A good quality headband can change the whole dynamic of your ride. Providing protection from the wind and cold, your winter cycling gear ensemble won’t be complete without it. Working up a sweat? Moisture management properties ensure a cool, dry ride all the way, while also keeping the slick from dripping into your eyes. But the absorption of sweat goes further than keeping you dry and comfortable, it also works wonders for your helmet. Think about it – no sweaty helmet pads = no funk. Keeping your helmet dry takes care of the unappetizing smells that can build up after a few particularly challenging rides. Protection against the elements is another winning reason to stock up with this must-have in bike clothing. Dust, bugs, dirt… they all have a way of getting in under your helmet. Especially if you’re off-road. A good headband will keep them out, so you can spend more time riding and less time picking stuff out of your hair. It’s a great barrier against wind and cold too, fitting snugly over the ears for added protection. And any flyaway hairs are the other rider’s problem. Headbands keep your locks comfortably in place without bulking up your headgear, so you can focus on the ride and nothing else. As it well should be.


Peal Izumi’s Barrier Skull Cap and Headband

Streamlined for total head cover, our Barrier Skull Cap and Barrier Headband provides protection against the cold with form-fitting design that includes ear coverage. The Skull Cap comes with a wind and water-resistant front panel to keep you warm and dry on those winter rides. Designed to achieve a perfect fit – on your head as well as under your helmet – enhanced comfort will see you through the duration of your time on the trail. Izumi’s P.R.O Thermal Dry fabric ensures optimal moisture transfer for a warm, dry ride. Odor absorption properties keeps your helmet smelling fresh, and the rear port opens to accommodate longer hair and ponytails without compromising comfort.

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