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April 23, 2018
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Essential Cycle Gear | Leg & Arm Warmers


The arrival of autumn brings with it unpredictable changes in the weather that makes Pearl iZumi’s range of leg and arm warmers a must-have. Warmers are worn with short sleeve cycling shirts and shorts, providing cover from the wrist to shoulder, and ankle to mid-thigh. Made with our advanced brushed thermal fabric, they provide added warmth on cool weather rides, giving cyclists the lightweight and portable convenience of being able to quickly and easily adapt to the changes in temperature. Now you can arm yourself against the chill of early morning or evening rides, and simply remove your warmers during the hotter parts of the day.


Good Quality Leg Warmers

Leg warmers come in two variations – fuller length that runs from the ankle to mid-thigh, and shorter knee warmers that stop just below the knee instead of going all the way to the ankle. These versatile items are worn under cycling shorts, peel off easily, and can be comfortably stowed in your jersey pocket. So what are you looking for when purchasing a pair of leg warmers?

Good quality leg or knee warmers all have three significant things in common: technologically advanced engineered fabric, anatomic fit, and superior design. You should be looking for gear that doesn’t bunch, that has grippers to keep them from sagging, panels instead of single-piece construction, and an element of reflection for safety in low-light conditions. Pearl iZumi’s leg warmers incorporates all of these qualities – in keeping with our cutting edge approach to cycle gear in general – so we can provide cyclists with the best in comfort as well as performance.

Most leg warmers of lesser quality are made of lycra, but iZumi’s brushed thermal fleece breathes better and makes our leg warmers more adept at stretching and recovery. In using fleece we also ensure superior resistance to cooler temperatures, with optimal moisture management properties to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your ride. The snug, anatomic fit allows full freedom of motion no matter how hard you take to the pedals. Zero bunching and max comfort. Thoughtful design steers clear of single-piece construction, opting instead for fleece panels that better accommodate the cyclist’s body in motion. We’ve added elastic binding and silicone grippers to ensure your warmers stay up, where silicone (instead of rubber alternatives) greatly reduces the risk of chafing and increases rider comfort. The logo provides an aesthetically pleasing reflective aspect that increases rider visibility in low-light, and the inclusion of leg zippers means you won’t be fighting your way into or out of your warmers. Our goal was to create cycling clothing that feels like a second skin, maximizing comfort while also enhancing performance.


Good Quality Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are some of the most adaptable pieces of cycling clothing out there. Wear them under your vest, jacket, or with your cycling shirt. And when you no longer need the added protection, they’re light enough to store in a pocket. Providing wrist to shoulder cover, it’s easy to see why arm warmers are considered essential gear when braving cooler weather conditions. But for all its simplicity, these garments are actually quite complex to perfect and many manufacturers are stumped when it comes to finding the ideal design – tight enough so they don’t sag, but not so tight they dig into your skin, and intelligent enough so they improve the riding experience. Luckily for you, we are not one of those manufacturers. We have long prided ourselves on cutting edge technology that transcends our cycle gear to not only maximize comfort but also performance – a trait that carries through to even our smallest items.

When looking for the perfect pair of arm warmers, you have to consider the Holy Grail trifecta: Fit, Fabric, and Design. As far as fit is concerned, a rider needs warmers that first and foremost stay up. But it doesn’t end there. Good quality arm warmers don’t just fit, they fit to your body. Pearl iZumi’s Thermal Arm Warmer accomplishes this and takes it even further by responding to your body in motion. So no matter how hard you’re working, you can rest assured your gear is matching you mile for mile. Wide elastic binding and a silicone gripper guarantees the warmer stays up, while also eliminating chafing for a comfortable ride. Our Thermal Fleece fabric beats out Lycra – which is used in most other arm warmers – by giving added warmth. It also enhances the stretch and recovery properties of the warmers, which means you’ll be getting good wear longevity for your buck. Regarding design, the perfect arm warmer will be easy to get on and easy to pull off, it will increase rider comfort and also improve performance. By moving away from clumsy single-piece construction, we have harnessed the power of panels in our arm warmers. Fleece panels mean more warmth, superior moisture management, and better fit to the body in motion. What more could you ask for? Oh, right. Safety. The incorporation of reflective elements ensure increased visibility in low-light conditions, while still fulfilling a fashionable finish.

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