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July 31, 2018
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October 12, 2018

How to Introduce Cycling to a Friend

You know what it feels like – the thrill of the ride. Cutting through the wind, sun on your face, adrenaline rushing through your veins. The scenic beauty, the freedom, the escape from everyday worries… Every time you finish a ride you find yourself thinking, “Why isn’t everyone doing this?” The natural culmination of this kind of passion and love is to want to share it with people. Not only does it give you a buzz knowing you’ve had a hand in changing someone’s life for the better, but it means you’ll hopefully have a new riding buddy as well. However, getting your friend into cycling is not as simple as introducing them to a new band, or making them watch your most recent Netflix obsession. This is something that will take some planning and persuasion on your part, and we’ve put together some tips as a guide to helping a friend fall in love with cycling.





It’s important to remember that you’re not selling your friend on the idea of exercise, even though it’s one of the benefits of cycling. You’re selling a lifestyle. Sure, physical health is a huge factor, but there’s so much more to the biking life that makes it worthwhile. For starters, it’s a sure-fire way to develop discipline. Every time you’re out on the road (or off it) is a new opportunity to reach your quitting point, and then ignore it by pushing through. It takes a special kind of commitment to keep bettering your best, set new goals as you conquer old ones, and consistently challenge yourself as you become a better athlete.

And with every achievement, your confidence increases along with your ability as a cyclist. This sense of self-esteem is with you even when you’re not riding, positively impacting all other areas of your life. Which is why cycling is not simply an activity, or hobby… it’s a way of life. It’s an open door to a like-minded community where you’ll find guidance, support, and inspiration. It’s an escape from the daily grind when you need it, a route to the top of the world when you’re looking to fly. And whether you’re in it for health, travel, or competition, Pearl Izumi’s cycling clothing is your starting point. Your reasons for biking are at the core of every one of our designs, helping us produce gear engineered to perform as hard as you do. There’s no better feeling than when you hit the road knowing you’re in the company of good friends as you take on whatever challenges, and cycle gear that’ll see you through it.

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