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Material Testing

The Pearl Izumi Materials Testing Lab

Where countless hours of work goes into providing our athletes with that all-important lifetime warranty our cycling clothing is renowned for. This video gives you an inside look at what goes into the perfect fit, high-performance, never-say-die gear for cyclists that sees you through every high and low of your journey.

Designed to Win, Made to Last

We take our bicycle gear just as seriously as you take your ride.

And that is why you can depend on Pearl Izumi to produce clothes for cycling with superior innovation, fit and performance. Our testing processes are designed to push our garments to their limits, so they won’t fail you when you’re out there exceeding yours.

In-house Testing

It goes without saying that here at Pearl Izumi we hold our cycle gear to very high standards. This means that as early as the production stage for fabrics, there is a lot of testing that happens to ensure the final product performs in just the way we promised it would. Our in-house materials testing team invests a lot of time at our testing facility, putting our fabrics through their paces. Most cycling brands are happy to accept test reports from the mills regarding the fabrics they use. At Pearl Izumi we like to see the results for ourselves and our in-house tests are specially designed to validate what the mill reports say. We develop most of our fabrics specifically for the Pearl Izumi brand, which means they’re not stock items you’ll be able to find anywhere else. As such, our team of experts have developed a series of tests to ensure we’re telling the truth when we say we’ve brought you the best in cycling clothing.

The Testing Process

When we’re testing a fabric where we are certain of the results we’re looking for, testing usually takes a few weeks.

With new technology and processes, testing often takes a few years before the level of perfection our brand is synonymous with is achieved. The end result is innovative bike clothing that works to make you better at what you do best. And don’t get this wrong – it’s not about being slow. It’s about not giving up until we are absolutely certain that our cycling garments are the best we have to offer. This is when we look at things like abrasion resistance, snagging and pilling, as well as fabric weight to ensure it meets standard regulations. Performance properties are also inspected, like wicking or the dry time of fabric, stretch and recovery, and waterproof/water resistance levels.

High Tech Equipment

Our materials testing lab has several pieces of highly specialized equipment that enable us to perform the appropriate level of testing required for each type of garment. The Martindale Abrasion Tester is used to measure the abrasion resistance of the surface of the fabric being tested. In typical cases, a piece of fabric is run through an average of 30 000 cycles. This is how we achieve certainty that a garment is as durable as it’s supposed to be. The Constant Rate of Elongation Machine measures stretch and recovery of the fabric, and is also used to measure the breaking strength of certain materials. With our laminated fabrics, this machine is used to measure their bonding strength.

The Pearl Izumi Promise

There are many brands out there promising you the world on a silver platter but with us you can rest easy knowing your cycle gear was designed to win, and made to last. And we’ve put our money where our mouth is. Through rigorous testing processes led by industry experts who are also bike-minded individuals like you, we have been able to produce active wear for cyclists that works just as hard as they do. Unfailing attention to detail and undying passion for the bike life is what allows us to consistently meet standards – and in some cases set some new ones – and stand proudly behind our lifetime warranty. It is our commitment to blaze trails, cross every finish line, and live the adventure right along with you. That’s what the hours, weeks, years of dedication and tireless testing is for. Because your achievements are a direct reflection of ours.
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