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February 7, 2018
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Pearl iZumi Firsts

A glimpse into how unparalleled innovation built a cycling gear empire


Pearl Izumi’s Innovation

The question of how best to enhance an athlete’s performance forms the foundation of what we do, and is the fuel that drives us to constantly push the boundaries in the industry of innovative bike clothing. To tirelessly improve on past improvements. This is the philosophy that is breathed into every stitch of every garment wearing the Pearl Izumi label.


Technical Denier Gradient Fabrics

A denier gradient is a fancy term that describes the way fabric fibers go from thick to micro, thereby allowing for superior moisture transfer. The microfiber sections have increased surface area, and this helps to draw water away from the skin for maximum evaporation. The deliberate gradient in fabric fibers is the magic ingredient in the wicking process.


Licensed Sublimated Jerseys

Sports teams used to wear uniforms customized through screen printing or heat transfers. However, after a few wears and laundering the prints would fade, crack, and peel. Sublimation is a process where prints are dyed directly into the very fabric of a garment. This means improved comfort, longer wear, and no unsightly peeling or cracking.


Mountain Bike-specific Apparel

For several years, mountain bikers had to be content with road cycling gear designed for their specific purpose, to maybe or maybe not hold up when taken off-road. Those days are long gone with Pearl Izumi’s MTB-specific range that caters to the rough riders and the unholy terrains they traverse on the daily.


Multi-density 3D Chamois

Performance and comfort are paramount in the design of our 3D Chamois – where every seam or lack thereof is a decision based on science. Offering 360 degree support, the chamois contours comfortably to the body in a seamless fit that not only provides protection, but ultimately enhances performance as well.


Women-specific Cycling Paneling

Considering the vast differences between the male and female form, it’s astounding to think the cycling world waited for Pearl Izumi to usher in cycle gear that women didn’t have to ‘make do’ with, but rather provided form and function designed specifically to their unique bodies and requirements.


Hi-vis Apparel

High visibility is the first step to safety on two wheels, and Pearl Izumi’s BioViz technology is the way to get it. Reflective fabric is used at key points on garments that will register with motorists in low light conditions, and our iconic Screaming Yellow is a color seen sooner and from a greater distance than any other.


Soft-shell in Cycling

Soft-shell fabric has all the benefits of hard-shell – durable and water resistant – but with the added technology of being breathable and flexible, thereby improving comfort. At Pearl Izumi we start with the athlete’s body and work our way out – producing biologically inspired bike clothing using scientific innovation.


Co-molded TPU/Rubber MTB Sole

Unlike road cyclists, mountain bikers need so much more from their shoes since they do so much more than just pedal. Our MTB shoes are specifically designed for these off-road forays, with soles that are rigid while pedaling for enhanced power, but flexible while running or hiking.


Boa Closure System in Cycling Footwear

The Boa closure system has revolutionized sports and active gear, and Pearl Izumi was first to make use of this innovation in cycling footwear. Anything that helps our striving to keep athletes’ focus on their ride and less distracted with everything else is worthy of our attention, and with Boa, Izumi cyclists are able to easily make precise adjustments for targeted performance.


Fully Welded Cycling Short

The point of Pearl Izumi cycling clothing is to feel as if you weren’t wearing any, while simultaneously enjoying enhanced performance and riding comfort. Our seamless cycle shorts not only feels like a second skin, but also improves aerodynamics for better speed.


Lobster Glove

These gloves are meant for seriously cold winter rides, and can be comfortably worn over regular gloves. The lobster claw design and soft fleece lining ensure hands and fingers are kept warm without compromising a rider’s range of motion, while the water-repellent soft-shell outer guarantees you stay dry the whole way.


Aero Suit Development

Pearl Izumi is obsessive about many things, and speed is one of them. Always striving to go faster, be better… where there is no such thing as a finish line, only the next improvement to improve upon. Our prototypes are put through their paces in wind tunnel tests until we achieve superior aerodynamics that we’ll be proud to stick our label on.


Official Sponsor of Coors Cycling Team | 1981

The Coors International Bicycle Classic was a stage race that launched the careers of many big names in the industry, and helped grow cycling as a sport in the United States. Starting out as a 3-day race, it grew to become two weeks of cycling in what was then considered a legendary tournament.

First 8-panel Cycling Short | 1985

Bike shorts are made up of panels to improve the way they contour to the body’s shape when in the riding position. The more panels a shorts has, the more it will stretch and curve to fit the form of a cyclist leaning over in full ride mode. This innovation was introduced in the years when shorts were made using less flexible fabrics, like wool, and helped change the comfort game for cyclists.

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