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Cutting-edge Cycling Gear

At Pearl Izumi, we’ve spent close to a century tirelessly advancing the technology and innovations that underscore our cycling gear. It’s the same dedication that makes you dig deep and push harder right when you think there’s nowhere left to go and nothing left to give. It’s that same passion that drives us so that we can bring you biking apparel that takes the guesswork out of performance-enhancing gear, and brings comfort to a two-wheeler kind of life. The only uphill battles you have to take on are the ones you want. Advanced engineering, with the rider in mind. This is the philosophy breathed into every stitch. With our wide range of cycling clothing online, you don’t have to go anywhere else to find the kit best suited to your kind of ride. We’ve got you covered from head to toe no matter your rider level. Try our convenient Pearl iZumi store locator to find a stockist near you.

Our Latest Shorts & Bibs

Cycling Gear | Our cycling shorts and bibs are exactly what you need for support and comfort – both on- and off-road. By combining light, breathable fabrics with intricate sewing techniques, we’ve been able to design cycling gear that provides maximum support without compromising the kind of comfort that athletes can wear all day.



Our Latest Sun Sleeves

We know that once you’re out on the road, that’s where you want to stay. And we also know that you need cycling gear that protects you during the brightest times of day. That is why our sun sleeves have increased UPF coverage for longer-lasting protection.




For all your off-road adventures, we carry a wide range of superior quality MTB cycling gear. After all, rugged terrain requires rugged active wear. Our cycling apparel uses patented technology to give you the most protective gloves, the strongest shoes, and the most durable shorts.


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