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SA Loves Cycling

Among amateurs and pros alike

Sa loves cycling - The last few years have seen a crazy leap in the popularity of cycling – among amateurs and pros alike – and many predict it’s geared to overtake golf as South Africa’s most beloved sport.

We’d Rather be Biking

Cycling is on the up and up to becoming the most popular kid in school, and with South Africa having the highest expenditure per capita on cycle gear than anywhere else in the world, the numbers definitely support this claim. Whereas the nation’s spending on clothing and equipment for other sports remain relatively static, the numbers for cycling is steadily on the rise. It’s a growth trend that can be seen not only by the increasing amount of cyclists visible on our roads, but the rate at which local cycling events fill up – selling out in days, with waiting lists that carry them through to the following year.

Why Cycling is Booming

It’s easy to understand why cycling is fast becoming everyone’s favorite thing to do. It caters for all types of athlete – whether you’re just starting out and looking for beginner trails, or a pro seeking adrenaline-filled rides. Families spending quality time on leisure rides, youngsters keeping fit, oldsters keeping young – it’s a sport everyone can enjoy and benefit from. And because of the different types of cycling and varying environments in which you can partake in it, that also means a wide range in pricing that suits most budgets. Unlike golf that is considered the rich man’s sport, anyone has access to the bicycle gear they need to hit the road and live their adventure. Another big factor in cycling’s recent boom is time. People have less of it. The less you have, the more precious it is, right? With cycling you are guaranteed an activity that is fun, exciting, and fast. And you get out as much as you put in. The more time you spend on the bike, the better you become. Healthier, fitter. The improvement is visible over a short period of time. You could play golf for years and never have your game improve from the first day you tried a killer drive and failed. This payoff plays a huge role in what makes those two gleaming wheels so attractive.

Road Cycling’s Growth

Road cycling is experiencing steady growth for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is well-organized events like the Cape Town Cycle Tour that attracts huge names in cycling from all around the world. More and more people are catching on to the benefits of cycling thanks to the coverage events like this get, and now the environmentally conscious are putting their best foot forward by commuting to and from work on bicycles whenever possible. The development of bike parks and dedicated cycle lanes in the city are also responsible for a surge in leisure riders who are taking advantage of this. The bike parks especially offer cyclists a safe way to get in some recreational riding away from the dangers of busy city streets.

Mountain Biking’s Growth

The growth in SA’s mountain biking scene is a lot faster than in road cycling. MTB cyclists are spoilt for choice with several off-road trails that are suited to varying levels of athleticism. You can escape the daily grind and get away from the city whether you’re an amateur or a pro. And with cycling clothing suitable for all kinds of weather, there’s no reason for you to stay home. Many people say that mountain biking is a lot safer than being on the roads, so more and more families especially are seeking the sanctuary of nature to spend some quality time together. Competitive mountain biking is huge in South Africa, with the Cape Epic – an 8-day multi-stage MTB event – being the most televised race of its kind in the history of the sport.

Cycling Events

South Africa is like a little slice of heaven when it comes to breathtaking views and endless trails along scenic routes just dying for some two wheel action. This is the reason we play host to some of the biggest cycling events in the world, and also why people flock to our country to participate in them. Names like Lance Armstrong and Jan Ulrich have taken part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, along with 35 000 cyclists. Numbers like that mean one thing – participating in events of this scale is affordable, convenient, and easy. Gone are the days where you have to go looking for your next adventure. As long as you’re geared up, the adventure will come and find you.

Cycling Gear

Nothing makes us happier than to see the growth in cycling as both a hobby and a sport. We’re all for it – from the leisure riders to the ride-or-diers… You’re the only reason we do what we do. And our cycling clothing will give you the edge you’re looking for. Painstaking attention to detail and world-class engineering is at the core of the Pearl Izumi brand. It’s what you’ll find at the heart of your best ride. It’s simple math, really – more people than ever before are hitting the trails looking for that escape, the ultimate high, trying to still the unquenchable hunger for the win that will place them ahead of the pack. Your competition has never been more rife, and if ever you needed a reason to invest in bike clothing that enhances your performance – this is it. We’ve got you covered from head to toe, from the essentials like cycling gloves to intelligent designs that work with your body to make your ride faster and more comfortable. Superior quality in every stitch, with us you won’t just be a part of the pack – you’ll be leading it.
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