Cycling Shorts & Bibs

Cycling Shorts & Bibs


Cycling Bibs:
Be your Best for Longer

You’re the type who endures every ride and never shies away from a challenge. Now you have bike clothing who will do just the same. Both our cycling shorts & bibs use Pearl iZumi’s unique In-R-Cool® technology. In short, this is cycling gear designed to keep you comfortably cool on warm weather rides without compromising performance. In this range we’ve taken comfort and durability, and raised the bar with performance-enhancing features as well. Our Direct Vent P.R.O fabric is used on the upper part of the bib, effectively managing moisture and controlling odor so you stay dry and fresh for the duration of your ride. As for cycling shorts, the iZumi Quest Short is a firm favorite because of its anatomic fit and our Tour 3D Chamois® that adds comfort and support to any kind of ride.

Pearl iZumi
Cycling Shorts & Bibs

Our cycling shorts & bibs are exactly what you need for support and comfort – both on- and off-road. By combining light, breathable fabrics with intricate sewing techniques, we’ve been able to design cycling gear that provides maximum support without compromising the kind of comfort that athletes can wear all day.

Shorts vs. Bibs

It’s one of the most divisive debates in cycling gear circles.

We’ve listed the most important discerning features to help you make the right choice for your ride.

Taking Care of your Chamois

Investing in good quality cycling gear is not just a matter of comfort, but of health.

Cycling shorts or bibs – your chamois should treat you well for the duration of your ride.

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