Sun Sleeves

Sun Sleeves


The Sun Sleeve

Yes, it’s blazing hot out and yes, we’re saying sleeves is your best bet to protection for extended periods in the saddle. But before you run away screaming at the thought of long sleeves in summer, hear us out. Because these aren’t any long sleeves – this is cycling gear that will change your biking game for the better. Our sun sleeves are based on intelligent design that blocks out harmful UV rays, while providing a cooling effect on your skin. It’s about protection from the sun, not insulation, so there’s no chance of overheating. With this kind of arm protection sleeves in your cycling kit, you no longer have to limit yourself to short rides during cooler times of the day during summer. You also no longer need to bother with icky, sticky sunscreen that needs to be continuously reapplied. There’s no time for bother when adventure awaits. Arm and leg sleeves are easily the most versatile of all cycling clothing. Over the years these garments have evolved from simple coverings to must-have gear developed with intelligent engineering. Different types of sleeves are suited to a varying range of temperatures – warmers for cold weather and coolers for warm weather – and they can be worn by anyone, whether you’re a pro racer or a weekend warrior. On warm days, arm and leg sleeves not only help cool your skin, but they also offer UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, which eliminates the need for sticky sunscreen. On cooler rides, when it’s too cold for just a short-sleeved cycling shirt but not cold enough for multiple layers, sleeves are ideal for that added layer of warmth. And with spring around the corner, these mild riding days will be plentiful, which makes arm and leg sleeves the perfect investment for your cycling kit.

Pearl iZumi Sun Sleeves

We know that once you’re out on the road, that’s where you want to stay. And we also know that you need cycling gear that protects you during the brightest times of day. That is why our sun sleeves have increased UPF coverage for longer-lasting protection.

Sun Protection Cycle Gear

Sleeves in summer and no, we’re not kidding.

Pearl iZumi’s sun sleeves are an essential part of your summer cycling kit, providing optimal protection while also cooling your skin.

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