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March 8, 2018
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March 8, 2018

How to get the most out of your Chamois

Good quality cycle gear is an investment not only in your performance, but also your overall health. The better your gear treats you, the longer you’ll be able to endure and enjoy the ride. Our cycling clothing and apparel are designed to enhance protection and performance. And by taking proper care of your gear, you guarantee the longevity of those features.


Going Commando

There’s no room for underwear in the cycling world of superior comfort and protection. Going commando is how it’s done. The less fabrics and seams between you and the saddle, the less friction and irritation you have to worry about. That’s why cyclists choose to keep things simple by foregoing the option of undies altogether. And with your most sensitive bits so vulnerable, it’s even more important that your chamois is up to standard in the comfort and protection department.


Chamois Dance

About to hit the trail for the ride of your life? Digging bits out of nooks and crannies, or adjusting irritating seams won’t be problems you have to deal with. All you need is the ability to get down – wiggle around, shake it loose, adjust the bits that matter and once everything is in their rightful place, you’re good to go.


To Cream, or not to Cream?

Chamois cream provides anti-bacterial protection and a buffer against friction to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of sores and other skin irritations. Many cyclists swear by it, making the application of said cream part of their pre-cycling ritual. But why bother wasting all that time when you could be biking? Pearl Izumi chamois have been engineered to move and breathe as your body needs, and thereby makes chamois cream totally unnecessary. We understand your desire to ride, and our technology provides cycle gear that eradicates the need for additional lotions and potions that cut into your track time.


A Clean Chamois is a Happy Chamois!

Prolonging the life of your chamois is as simple as keeping it clean. Various kinds of bacteria get caught up in the weave of the fabric, so be sure to wash it after every ride. Using a gentle detergent, with no additives like softeners and fragrances, will ensure the least wear and tear during this process. Be sure to add your detergent to the water and not directly onto the garment, this will further dilute it and guarantee a gentle cycle.


Hang 'em High

As tempting as it may be to toss your cycling clothing into the tumble dryer – it saves time and effort – the heat generated by the machine is harmful to the delicate fabric. High temperatures break down the protective foam layer, which will eventually render your chamois useless. Hanging it up to drip dry is far gentler on the unique technology, and will guarantee longevity.

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