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July 31, 2018
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July 31, 2018

Why You Ride

Since people first figured out how to get around on two wheels, the bicycle has grown from being a means of transport to so much more. Yes, some still use it to commute but more importantly, cycling opens the doors to fun, adventure, and good health too. And if you’re living the bike life, you are well aware that cycling is not just a part of your life but such a big part of your identity as well. From the type of bike you choose, to the cycle gear you don before sliding into that seat – cycling is who you are as much as what you do.


The Reasons Go Beyond Adventure

The call to adventure gets you going, but the benefits of cycling go way beyond that. Biking serves as a great low-impact full-body workout that not only keeps your body in good shape, but your mind as well. So many cyclists speak of hitting the road to clear their heads, and how riding helps them through tough times. Being out there – in dirt, on flat roads, climbing the side of a mountain – your mind and body are constantly engaged in the present moment. There is no time to dwell on other worries of life. Only time to live the thrill of the ride, with open spaces and fresh air that are never in short supply. It’s the perfect setting for healing of the body as well as the mind. The rush of adrenaline and feel-good endorphins wipes away stress and anxiety, and can even help those battling with depression. You forget about the things that weigh you down, because when you’re on two wheels you’re weightless. Free. It’s no wonder so many ride-or-die-ers talk about cycling as their special brand of therapy. And the sense of community with other riders also plays a huge part in this.

Your built-in support system is made up of people who share the same passion you do. Ending an early morning ride with breakfast and coffee (and sometimes cake), to swap stories, share advice, and feel connected. Here you have yourself a community of like-minded people you can celebrate and commiserate with, who all look out for each other and keep each other accountable and motivated. It makes it easy to keep pushing limits, face challenges, and feel inspired. Watching others take on obstacles you wouldn’t have previously considered keeps your fear in check and boosts your courage to strive for better each time you’re out. Your bike family doesn’t care about where you come from, what you’re riding, or even why you’re riding. The only thing that matters is that you’re doing it.

Once you’ve been bitten by the cycling bug there’s no turning back. You quickly realize that it goes way beyond the ride. It’s a lifestyle. You schedule meals, family and friends, work, everything, around your biking time. In fact, chances are your closest friends will be cyclists too. This is what passion looks like, and a biker’s lifestyle is built around the ride. The anticipation of your next adventure is what gets you through your days, and the fitter you become, the more you can take on. One of the best things about cycling is that no matter how and where you ride, you are always improving. Increased cardiovascular health, strength, muscle tone, and stamina are just some of what you can look forward to. This is the kind of workout that turns your body into as much of a machine as the bike you’re working out on.

It's More Than Just a Ride

So many “hobby cyclists” evolve to up their game by riding competitively. And oh, once you’re in it for the win, that’s when your cycling story gets so much sweeter. Sure, people bike for fun and racing can be fun too. But nobody enters a race and doesn’t want to win. You wanted to be the best when you weren’t racing, and so that feeling gets dialed up a notch or two the moment there’s a finish line involved. Suddenly you’re looking at equipment, cycling kits, and the works – everything you’ll need to get you over that line. At Pearl Izumi we understand the nature of a cyclist. We know what got you into that saddle the first time, and what keeps you there. That is why we’re not all about pushing products and profit. Because we want to see you cross that finish as much as you do. When you’re at your best, it means we’ve done our job, and this is what lies at the core of who we are and what we do. Giving you access to quality gear that enhances your riding experience and performance, so you can get out of biking everything you put in. And then some.

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